Old-Skool Home Inspections ( OHI) sees the incredible value added with the use of the Thermal Imaging,  with the use of specialized tools using the Technology of Infra Red ( IR) as a part a Home inspection we carry out.  IR cameras help to find unseen problems eyes alone can’t not always see. Finding indications as early as possible to enable the problems to be dealt with as required before, rather than have the issues go any further.The old but true saying  ” An Ounce of Prevention is Better that a Pound of Cure” falls here. IR captured problem images at key locations of the the home ,are identified to help diagnose the source and included in the Home Inspection Report.

    Key locations that typically make the use of IR technology are but not limited to:

    • Roof leaks and moisture build up.
    • Plumbing leak detection in walls, floors and ceilings.
    • Indications of Missing insulation, poorly installed and wet locations.
    • Slow leaks that could lead to mold behind walls or underneath flooring.
    • Air leakage in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors
    • Plumbing leak detection in walls, floors and ceilings
    • Electrical issues
    • And at times have detected Rodent ifiltration in walls and ceilings. 

    About Thermography

    Thermography is the use of an Infra Red  ( IR ) imaging and measurement differences. In thermal energy emitted from an object. This is light that is not visible, not seen by the human eye. IR Technology can and does offer unique and very interesting results with its use.


    Indications found and confirmed to be a slow roof leak that was not noticeable with the naked eye and was backed up by the use of a moisture meter. 

    Indications of a Plumbing leak found and confirmed coming from main floor laundry from above . More IR Inspecting located wets walls that were opened up and dried before further damage as well as defecive washing machine repaired. 

    An ongoing roof leak on ceiling as well as entering walls below found in a commercial property. Confirming Prior repairs needed more trouble shooting to correct the issue.