• Annual Inspections 

    •    Annual Home Maintenance Inspections provide an informative approach to lessen the chance of damages and possible costly repairs to the homeowner by finding areas of concern and taking action with Preventive Maintenance. And we can all agree with the old saying an once of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.

         Home Maintenance Inspections focus on the primary systems that have been found to generally need routine maintenance or yearly Inspections. Daily use, wear and tear with the ever changing and at times extreme weather conditions over the years cause this to be a much needed and valuable service . Roof, gutter, drain spouts, fireplaces, chimneys, furnaces, air conditioning, plumbing and faucets, bathroom fans, exhaust vents , dryer ducts, windows, doors, drains, smoke and Co2 detectors and other safety equipment all come under this Inspection criteria.

           Maintenance Inspections will provide you with a list of the priorities from urgent to maintenace suggestions that help maintain your Investment, your family Home with safety and preventive maintenance in mind.